Maid Visa under Excellence Center

We provide Emirates ID and medical insurance for maids working under our visa.

AED 8,200 & AED 150 per month
  • Under Our Centre Visa
  • Valid For 2 Years
  • Emirates ID Included
  • Medical Fitness
  • Free NOC to Travel
  • Medical Insurance
Maid Visa Dubai

Get maid Visa under Excellence Center

Documents required for maid Visa

To hire a maid you will need to provide copies of:

  • Employers passport
  • Maid passport
  • I.D cards (residence permit) and current work visa for maid
  • Maids photo (with white background)
  • Copy of employer residence tenancy contract
  • Copy of Employer's work visa

Send all these documents via WhatsApp at +971 4347 4000 and we will start the visa process, you will get a Visa in 8 Days.

Advantages of Obtaining Maid Visa Sponsorship with Tadbeer Excellence Center

  • Offers a two-year maid visa.
  • Requires minimal documentation, simplifying the process.
  • Provide comprehensive support for UAE maid visa procedures. We will collect and drop them up at your doorstep.
  • Offers direct sponsorship for maids of all nationalities upon visa approval.
  • Ensures a convenient visa process.
  • Eliminating unnecessary complications. 
  • Presents a cost-effective visa sponsorship solution.
  • Provision of exceptional customer service.

Get a maid Visa under Family Sponsorship

Documents Required to Sponsor a Maid

To apply for your maid's visa, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • Visa Application Form
  • Passport-Sized Photos
  • Passport Copies of sponsor and maid
  • Sponsor's Bank Statement
  • Sponsor's Salary Certificate or proof of ownership of company
  • Maid Police Certificate (for Uganda & Kenya)
  • Tenanancy Contract
  • Affidavit of Non-Relationship(if the maid is from same country)

Reasons to choose Excellence Center

Reason to Choose
Our Sponsorship
Family Sponsorship
Visa validity
2 Years
1 Years
Cost for Sponsorship
AED 8200
AED 11,500
Renewal fees
AED 7,500
Total Fees
AED 8,200
AED 19,000
Travel NOC
Free NOC & free travel assistance
Not Required
Manage HR & PRO Services
Not Covered
Number of office visits
Pay online in minutes
6 + Government office visits
You pay gratuity
You pay gratuity

Housemaid Visa Service

  • Doorstep Maid Visa Processing
  • VIP Collection & Processing
  • Document Pickup and Renewal
  • No Center Visits
  • Renewed Contract & Visa Delivered
  • Home Pickup
  • Hassle-Free Renewal

Doorstep Maid Visa Hassle-Free Processing

Experience VIP Collection and Processing: We pick up your documents from your location, process your maid visa renewal, and return all documents along with a renewed contract and visa—no center visits required.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Tadbeer-Excellence Center for Housemaid Agency in Dubai?

    Tadbeer-Excellence Center is a reputable agency in Dubai specializing in facilitating the hiring and processing of housemaid visas. They ensure a seamless and compliant experience for both sponsors and domestic workers.

  • How does Tadbeer-Excellence Center assist in the housemaid visa process?

    Tadbeer-Excellence Center provides comprehensive services, including document preparation, submission, medical typing, and liaising with authorities. They streamline the entire housemaid visa process for a hassle-free experience.

  • What sets Tadbeer-Excellence Center apart from other agencies?

    Tadbeer-Excellence Center is known for its excellence in professionalism, efficiency, and expertise. Their commitment to quality service makes them a preferred choice for those seeking assistance with housemaid visas in Dubai.

  • How can I initiate the housemaid visa process with Tadbeer-Excellence Center?

    You can contact Tadbeer-Excellence Center through our official channels, either by visiting our office in Dubai or reaching out to us online. Our team will guide you through the initial steps and requirements.

  • Can Tadbeer-Excellence Center assist with the renewal of housemaid visas?

    Absolutely. Tadbeer-Excellence Center offers services for the renewal of housemaid visas, guiding sponsors through the necessary steps and ensuring a smooth renewal process.

  • What is the average processing time for a housemaid visa with Tadbeer-Excellence Center?

    The processing time may vary, but Tadbeer-Excellence Center is dedicated to expediting the process. They aim for efficiency to ensure a timely completion of the housemaid visa procedure.

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